Technology Testwork

Our test work support means that clients identify the most suitable partners internationally and only commission the appropriate testwork, thereby reducing costs.

Analytical test work

We have worked closely with world class analytical laboratories to arrange test work programmes and have prepared reports analysing the data and made recommendations to clients.

Pilot testing

Sometimes it doesn't make commercial sense to consider significant capital expenditure at the early stages of a project. We work with our clients to develop suitable pilot projects and prototypes to reduce overall project risk.

Data Analysis and Reporting

One area we can add value for clients is in the managing of a varied test work programme and bringing together analytical results from various sources and analysing the results and interpreting these to create specific recommendations that help the client project move forward and informed decisions to be made.

Searching for the best institutions to perform technical services

Sometimes our clients require very specialist test work. We search the worldwide market to identify potentially suitable third parties that could deliver these services. Pure Indigo is an independent organisation and so we will identify the most suitable organisation for the delivery of your requirements be that from academic institutions or commercial technology developers.

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