Intellectual Property Strategy

We strengthen patent applications by reviewing prior art, preparing documentation and liasing with patent attorneys throughout the process.

Researching and reporting prior art

We have a strong multi-disciplinary team that can apply their expertise in identifying relevant prior art to your technology. This helps our clients to accurately describe their technology and its novel features as required for the development of the independent and dependent claims in patents. It also helps our clients to be prepared for the later stages of the patenting process when examination reports are returned and responses are required. All this results in a stronger patent being filed and a greater likelihood of the patent being granted.

Describing your invention and preparing for patent protection

We can prepare the information required for submitting to patent attorneys to get the patenting process started. We also prepare briefings, respond to queries, prepare drawings and work closely with patent attorneys to draft the patent.

Preparing patenting cost estimates

One area of considerable concern for clients is the cost associated with the patenting process. We can help to prepare budgeting plans for the patenting process over the lifetime of the patent.

International Filing of Patents

We are experienced in working with world-class patent attorneys and managing complex and large patent families for international filings.

Sourcing Patent Attorneys

On behalf of our clients we can prepare invitation to tenders for major patent family filings and negotiate contracts.

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