Technology Business Development

We help clients identify potential customers and put in place a business development and customer acquisition plan.

Launching New Technologies

Launching new products and services and running successful pilot schemes requires a unique set of skills.

  • Ability to market the project both internally and externally
  • Clearly defining a project plan with key performance targets
  • Designing proof of concept projects
  • Evaluating emerging technologies
  • Leading teams through change
  • Ensuring that pilot projects lead to information to guide decision making for scaling up

We can help clients with business development and customer acquisition.


We have an analytical approach to business development. This includes rigorously identifying potential customers, segmenting this market and developing marketing approaches that are focused on creating revenue streams.


We carefully track business development plans to ensure that resources are not wasted on any activities that are not creating positive results.

Approaching Potential Customers

On behalf of our clients we can approach potential customers and partners, putting in place relationships to develop successful business partnerships.

Negotiating Contracts

We can support clients on developing and negotiating the commercials terms of their contracts.

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