Software Testing

We test our software as part of our evaluation process before it is released to our clients to ensure that the product satisfies the requirements set out in the specification phase of the project.


Each software developer tests their own code as well as overall system and integration testing being completed by the team.

Functional and Integration Testing

We use functional testing to ensure that the required functionality of the software works as it should. We also conduct integration testing to ensure that individual components work as they should together as well as ensuring that any interaction between software and hardware is tested.

Overall System, Stress and Performance Testing

We conduct overall system testing to ensure that the software works in the target environment as it should, for example on specific operating systems. We also stress test the system to understand how the solution will behave under more extreme conditions. We will also performance test the software to evaluate its speed in delivering the required results.

Beta, Usability and User Acceptance Testing

We use beta testing to test the product with a sample of end users before the full product is released. With usability testing we see how easy and intuitive the client finds the graphical user interface to navigate. We test how easy the end user finds to learn how to use the system correctly and conduct user acceptance testing to ensure that client expectations have been met with the end product.

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