Business Development

We use a systematic and analytical approach to business development. This helps our clients to prepare for potential growth opportunities.

Business Development Professionals

Our business development team have a background in management consulting in top strategy consulting firms in London or have strong operational management skills. We bring together a range of expertise including marketing, contracts negotiation, strategy and sales experience to develop sales pipelines.

Customer Relationship Management Tools

We all know that your best customers are likely to be those that have purchased from you before. We support our clients in managing their customer relationships. We can provide either web-based or in-house systems for relationship management. This helps to maximise the potential of all of your long term customer relationships.

Developing Strategic Relationships

Building alliances is a key strategy for sustainable business development. We help clients to identify suitable partners and develop mutually beneficial commercial relationships. We have built international business relationships for our clients.

Monetising Intellectual Property

Many organisations are in the early stages of considering how to monetise their intellectual property. We have helped clients to develop their intellectual property into marketable products and services to create additional revenue streams with relatively little expenditure.

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