About Us

Pure Indigo combines product and project management expertise with in-house software development capabilities, streamlining development lifecycles for clients.

Our Background

Pure Indigo was founded in 2005 and is based in Cambridge, UK. Our founders both studied Natural Sciences and Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. Bridge the gap between your product vision and successful launch with our multi-disciplinary team of experienced product strategists, project management experts, and skilled developers. We foster seamless collaboration throughout the entire development lifecycle, ensuring your projects are not only innovative but also meet your business goals.

Pure Indigo is recognised for bridging the commercial and technical divide, delivering exceptional results that exceed expectations.

Our People

Unleash Innovation and Achieve Business Goals with Pure Indigo

Empower your vision with our integrated team of passionate technologists and experienced project managers. We seamlessly bridge the gap between strategic product thinking, rigorous project management, and in-house development expertise to deliver high-quality, innovative solutions that exceed expectations.

Our collaborative approach fosters true partnership with our clients. We go beyond mere advice, deeply understanding your aspirations and translating them into tangible results.

Our Clients

Drive Innovation: Partner with Pure Indigo for Success

Empower your organization's innovation journey with Pure Indigo, a trusted partner for established businesses and agile startups. We leverage our extensive experience and collaborative approach to build enduring partnerships that deliver tangible results.

Our diverse clientele spans established international enterprises and emerging startups, with a growing portfolio that transcends geographical boundaries. We go beyond mere service providers, fostering long-term, collaborative relationships to ensure your vision becomes reality.

Our fees

Transparent & Flexible IT Project Pricing: Tailored to Your Needs

At Pure Indigo, we understand that every project is unique. That's why we offer flexible and transparent pricing models to perfectly align with your specific requirements. Whether you prefer the predictability of fixed fees or the adaptability of flexible arrangements, we work collaboratively to find the best solution for your ongoing or short-term projects.

Our unwavering commitment to transparency ensures you have a clear understanding of costs from the outset. We engage in open discussions about pricing and agree on arrangements before any work begins, eliminating surprises and fostering a trusted partnership.

Global Reach

Our international experience includes the following countries:

Austria Belgium
Brazil Canada
France Germany
Japan Luxembourg
Mexico The Netherlands
Norway Romania
Switzerland United Kingdom
United States

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