About Us

Pure Indigo are global research and technology development consultants.

Our Background

Pure Indigo was founded in 2005 and is based in Cambridge, UK. Our founders both studied Natural Sciences and Chemical Engineering at the University of Cambridge. We bring a strong multi-disciplinary approach and employ exceptional people. We have been recognised time and again as providing a bridge between commercial and technical expertise.

Our People

Our team consists of outstanding technology and technical professionals that are passionate about delivering high quality and innovative products and services. We have a collaborative working style with our clients and look to act like business partners rather than just advisers. We aim to understand our client's aspirations and deliver against them.

Our Clients

We provide consultancy services to leading international organisations as well as start ups. We have a growing list of clients with a number of them being based outside the UK. Our strength lies in our ability to form enduring relationships with our clients.

Our fees

Charging arrangements will vary depending on the nature of the work but they are flexible and fixed fees are offered wherever appropriate. We are always transparent in our pricing and ensure charging arrangements are agreed at the outset.

Global Reach

We have a geographically diverse client base and our international experience includes the following countries:

Austria Belgium
Brazil Canada
France Germany
Japan Luxembourg
Mexico The Netherlands
Norway Romania
Switzerland United Kingdom
United States

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