Software Services

If your software solution can be solved by an off-the-shelf solution, we can help you find the optimal system. If your specific needs cannot be fully satisfied by a single piece of extant software, we can build a custom solution by integrating existing systems or by creating bespoke software.

Selection and Procurement

We can find the best off-the-shelf software solution, following a tried and tested software selection methodology.

Systems integration

We are experienced in integrating systems such as CRM, performance management, payment systems, accounting and science and engineering databases.

Specification and Design

We collect, analyse and challenge your requirements for your bespoke software. This enables us to put together a complete description of the system to be developed that will deliver your business objectives.


We will assign a team of technical experts to the development of the software solution. We manage the development process using project management methodologies to ensure that projects are delivered on time and to budget.


We test our software as part of our evaluation process before it is released to our clients to ensure that the product satisfies the requirements set out in the specification phase of the project.


Once the product has completed the testing phase it is ready for release. During deployment, we conduct all the activities required to make the software solution available to all of the end users.


Some of our clients prefer us to manage the hosting of their solution. We can provide secure and reliable hosting to our clients. This enables our clients to focus on developing their businesses.

Support and Training

Software development doesn't just end upon product delivery. Pure Indigo is able to offer training and support to users, maximising the benefits of the new software.

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