Project Software

We can advise on and implement appropriate project management software solutions for your organisation including bespoke tools.

Our Experience

Our consultants are experienced users of a number of project management software tools including web based enterprise management tools in live project environments ranging from small projects to global programmes.

Microsoft Project

This tool is extensively used in the software industry for detailed project management down to the level of detailed resource management and costs. It is often used by larger enterprises for managing non technical projects, for example, mergers and acquisitions and change programmes. These users tend to use only the basic functionality of the product and, as sometimes accessibility and information sharing is more important, other tools and methods can be more appropriate.

Web Based Enterprise Management Tools

For organisations that need to manage a continual pipeline of projects moving towards a less resource intensive technology is key. Web based tools make managing the pipeline easier, particularly when teams are geographically disperse. Tools that provide both project level support and project pipeline level management information are key to the successful uptake by the organisation.

Pure Indigo can advise and support on both tool selection and implementation. We have experience in implementing solutions into organisations for global user communities.

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