Technology Evaluation

Our scientifically robust technology evaluations help clients assess the potential in new technologies as well as identify any limitations.

Expert Scientific and Engineering Reviews

We support clients with evaluating third party technologies for specific applications. This has included presenting independent and objective views on numerous technologies and their maturity. This has often led to major savings on client projects. Where highly specialised knowledge is required, we have worked to deliver independent assessments utilising subject matter specialists.

Feasibility Studies

Feasibility studies are often required for presenting to management or to potential investors. We have developed techno-economics and commercial feasibility studies for client projects. This includes market entry strategies, technology development plans and costings.

Identifying Suitable Technologies

Sometimes our clients are looking for a solution to a specific problem. Here we are able to search the worldwide market to identify potentially suitable technologies.

We have experience in evaluating and comparing technologies and making specific recommendations to clients. In addition, we have also helped clients to develop partnerships for technology development or licensing of technologies. We have a strong track record in creating and managing partnerships.

IP Evaluation and Strategy

We have helped clients to understand the scope of intellectual property held by organisations in order to help them to assess suitability for their projects and as part of their investment evaluation.

Equally, we have also helped clients to investigate the potential to obtain patent protection on their own in-house technologies. We have worked with clients to develop international patent portfolios.

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