Software Specification and Design

We collect, analyse and challenge your requirements for your bespoke software. This enables us to put together a complete description of the system to be developed that will deliver your business objectives.


We will work with you to clearly define the required functional features of the software. We will detail exactly what the software should be able to do.

External Interfaces

We will need to understand how you envisage the software solution to interact with people, hardware and any other software.


We will need to consider any potential performance constraints such as speed, availability and recovery times.


We will need to understand any non-functional requirements, for example, security, maintenance, quality, portability and requirements for user interfaces.

Design Constraints

We will need to assess any additional design constraints such as any required operating standards, language accessibility and the operating environment.


Once a final specification has been agreed, our development team will create a solution design that can meet your requirements.

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