Transformation Management

We work closely with our client teams to successfully manage and deliver on complex projects, implementing and adapting our methodologies and approaches to ensure that we deliver fit for purpose solutions to the client.

Transformation programmes

These tend to be the largest scale implementations that organisations undertake. Often, these will impact multiple business units, functions and geographical boundaries. Examples include:

  • Mergers, acquisitions, divestments and joint ventures
  • Growth and expansion programmes
  • Process and IT system transformations
  • Organisation changes

Benefits realisation

The realisation of the benefits of these programmes lies in successful implementation. These initiatives are complex in nature and often they will require the mobilisation of many people to meet a strict deadline within a tight budget. They will also require resources to take on project responsibility in addition to their line responsibility.

Managing complex programmes

We support client teams at all stages of programme development, implementation and management, including for example, evaluating options, proposing solutions and laying plans for their implementation. Our emphasis on complex and sensitive initiatives has enabled us to develop a deep insight into the delivery of successful transformations.

We comprehensively manage all aspects of initiatives, including:

  • Performance management
  • Risks, issues & assurance
  • Planning, tracking & reporting
  • Assembling and managing teams
  • Stakeholder management
  • Knowledge management
  • Audits and due diligence

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