Exploration and Natural Resources

We work with exploration companies to develop R&D and engineering development programmes and reporting to stakeholders.

Sampling and testing for Resource Estimation

We support teams develop their sampling and testing programmes. We have worked with top analytical laboratories such as SGS and Intertek to deliver high quality testing programmes. Most companies now outsource their testing programmes. This allows them to make use of the best analytical facilities that are currently available.

Developing Processing for New Resources

The key to unlocking the commercial potential of new resources is in developing innovative process flowsheets. This can mean having to include emerging technologies. We can help identify and test potential processing solutions.

Improving processing Efficiency

If you are looking to improve processing efficiency of current flowsheets by applying new technologies then we can help to identify and test potential solutions.

Pilot Work

We often negotiate free test work or low cost programmes to help clients quickly evaluate the applicability of potential solutions.

Emerging Industries

We work on projects with emerging industries such as deep sea mining to develop new technologies.

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