Technology Procurement

Our experience of procurement of specialist research and scientific and engineering services allows our clients to negotiate better terms on their contracts and IP.

Developing a fit for purpose procurement strategy

We help our clients to establish and detail the work scope. We then apply appropriate procurement strategies to ensure that the procurement of services is done in a cost-effective and competitive manner.

Request for Information and Pre-qualification of suppliers

We are able to handle the whole process of supplier selection and management. This includes conducting due diligence visits.

Identifying the best institutions to perform technical services

Sometimes our clients require specific expertise or knowledge. We search the worldwide market to identify potentially suitable third parties that could deliver these services. Pure Indigo is an independent organisation and so we will identify the most suitable organisation for the delivery of your requirements be that from academic institutions or from commercial technology developers.

Confidentiality and Nurturing Relationships with Third Parties

We are able to work on your behalf to manage the entire contractual process from getting confidentiality agreements in place, developing the work scope for the outsourcing, negotiating costs and contractual arrangements. In addition, we are able to manage the delivery of third parties and track their performance against agreed contractual terms.

Preparing invitation to tenders (Request for Proposals) and phasing work

One of our key strengths is in the preparation of invitations to tender and working with suppliers to manage the proposal evaluation process. We are able to conduct interviews where required.

Supplier Performance Reviews

Pure Indigo has experience in managing the performance of suppliers to contract, of course to time and budget, but also importantly to the quality of the technical delivery and ensuring that our clients receive the value out of their outsourcing that they anticipated.

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