Technology Research and Development

Our clients benefit from accessing our world class research capabilities. Our multi-disciplinary team allows our clients to tackle the most challenging projects.


We work closely with clients to develop R&D plans and to define which work packages can be delivered in-house and which would be better outsourced. We aim to focus the planning of test work and modelling to ensure that regular milestones are included that check the continued usefulness of that line of research.

Tracking and delivery

We help clients to define objectives and lay plans for R&D programmes. We aim to maximise value by planning work with clear milestones that give early indications of whether the overall programme is likely to be successful or whether it needs to be adapted. Our approach has resulted in significant savings for our clients. We often tie third party contracts to specific milestones so that should a milestone return negative results, research can be stopped early and money saved.

Conducting Research

Our world class multi-disciplinary research team brings a range of intellectual breadth and depth to our clients' projects. We are an ideal partner for outsourcing R&D or for reinforcing in-house R&D teams. We also work with clients on long term R&D projects delivering best in class support.

Data Analysis and Reporting

We can add value for clients in the managing of their R&D programme and integrating the results from various areas of research to give an overview that can help the project move forward and informed decisions to be made.

Intellectual Property

During the development of R&D programmes, we help clients to develop their intellectual property strategy and highlight potential areas for protection as the programme develops.

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