Project Controls and Management

The process and tools that are used to control and manage a project are essential if it is to be kept on track in terms of scope, cost and completion date.

Project Office

Our project office is an excellent way to experience first hand the value that we can add in setting up all the required project controls and tools for complex and sensitive projects.

  • Projects clearly scoped and defined
  • Team structure and responsibilities established
  • Suitable project controls and tools in place
  • Plans and performance management metrics in place

This is typically completed in combination with the client project manager. It gives the project a kick start by rapidly putting in place all the required project management elements and also empowers the client project manager to confidently continue with the project management role once the Pure Indigo team has left.

Project Health Check

Our health checks can be completed at any stage, from project inception to completion. There are number of benefits that client teams can derive from these reviews, for example:

  • Pragmatic solutions to improve project delivery
  • Improved visibility of the progress of critical projects
  • Clarity in roles and accountabilities
  • Comprehensive and independent review of project operations

Our project review is limited in duration and offer high impact.

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