Pure Indigo works with traditional publishing houses to develop their book lists into enhanced electronic formats and to develop systems integration specifically to meet the current challenges in this industry.

Planning eBook conversion programmes

We work with publishers to develop their back list into eBook titles. Publishers are still uncertain about the benefits of eBook publishing and where the book market is heading. We have worked with publishers to develop a pilot scheme on a sample set of their books and monitor the sales performance. Due to our strong software development capability we are able to bring to bear efficiencies of production and apply our expertise on the conversion process.

Enhanced eBooks Production

The way in which books are accessed is increasing the ways in which publishers can enhance their content and add value for their readers.

Due to our talented software development team we are able to offer our clients the opportunity to explore enhancing their eBooks with images and other types of media content.

Reporting and Management Information

Publishers are working hard to keep up with the challenges created by developing and delivering e-products. We have developed software that can collect management information on book sales from platforms such as Kindle Direct Publishing that will enable publishers to keep track of sales and link that information to their marketing efforts. This information also helps publishers to understand market demand and where they should focus on developing further titles.

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