Investment Evaluation

Our professional feasibility studies help clients to secure investment and also to make informed investment decisions.

Conducting technological and commercial feasibility studies

We are experienced in conducting feasibility studies for projects including assessing technology maturity, market opportunities and potential commercial upside. Importantly, our analysis provides benchmarking information that puts the opportunity into perspective against current market conditions and potential future trends.

Market sizing and market entry

Without an effective market entry plan even the most innovative and desirable technologies will not get discovered. We help clients put their technology and market potential into perspective by benchmarking against comparable or relevant technologies. In addition, we can put together market entry plans aiming to maximise the impact of new technology launches.

Due diligence

If you are looking to invest in a technology or partner with a third party then we can perform a due diligence study for you to ensure that you have the best possible information about your potential venture.

Preparing businesses for sale

We have worked on a number of projects where we have helped clients prepare their business for sale. This has included setting up a new company for the spin off and transferring all relevant assets to that business to ensure that the sale goes ahead as smoothly as possible. This includes checking intellectual property and creating data rooms.

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