Gruesome Gamebooks

Fairy tales with a magical twist where YOU make the choices

Many of our myths and legends come from the magical and mysterious land called The United Kingdom of Charming. This magical world is the setting for this series of fairy tale gamebooks. Each explores the origins of well known characters as they discover their superpowers.

These gamebooks are laid out in numbered sections. At the end of each section, you will be given an instruction about which numbered section you should turn to next. Usually, you will be given options allowing you to choose which path the story will follow. There are multiple endings in this book but there is only one fairy tale ending and you might need more than one attempt to reach it.

These chapter books are aimed at early readers. They are a bridge between picture books and reading books. They are also excellent for sharing and reading together or for new independent readers.

  • Aimed at children 7+.
  • Black and white illustrations in the paperback version
  • Full colour illustrations in the eBook versions

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