About Us

Pure Indigo Publishing develops innovative junior series fiction.

Our Background

We develop in-house fiction and non-fiction titles and software. We are currently focusing on growing our junior series fiction list.

We are based in the high-technology cluster of Cambridge, UK. We work with international partners to distribute our products to the global market.

Our People

Our team consists of publishing industry professionals as well as software developers that enable multiformat production of our titles. We are constantly striving to release exciting new products.

Our Products

We aim to make our titles available in as many formats as appropriate to the content, for example, print books, kindle books, ePub books, downloadable software, cloud software and mobile apps.


Pure Indigo Publishing is a division of Pure Indigo Limited. The management team includes Dr Nita Martin, Managing Director, and Mr Ashley Martin, Operations Director.

Contact us


+44 (0) 7981 395258