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Published: Sep 2013

Numbers to 100 Flash Cards

Bright Spark Series

Sight reading the numerals to ten is part of the aim in the reception year. Whilst, learning to read the numbers to a hundred develops over the following years. The words for the numbers to twenty form part of the high frequency word list used with key stage one children, aged 5 to 7, and are required to be read on sight by the end of this stage. The numbers to one hundred are covered in this eBook and can be used flexibly as the child develops.

Once children start to form an understanding of the sounds associated with letters then it is the time to introduce these high frequency words. They will help children to develop their ability to blend the letter sounds into words.

The flash cards are purposefully simple in design so as to not distract children from the exercises. Each flash card shows either a single word or a single sentence. The chapters are summarised below.

  • Develop sight reading
  • Improve word recognition
  • Flash card based design

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